Your character was put into a world and has to fight against monsters and the time. Reach the ending of each level in time to win. Your combos save you when the time runs out.

I used the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam and the theme Dual Purpose Design as an opportunity to develop my second video game. I used all the experience I got from developing my very first game and tried new stuff like enemies, combat, and combos.

The game was developed with the Godot Engine. Sounds were made with Bfxr.

Thank you for giving it a try. I would be happy about your feedback and appreciate that you take the time to try it.

Known Issues

  • Sound isn't working in the web version
  • Fullscreen mode is enabled in the web version, but shouldn't - please play in the window mode, you will have a better experience and performance

Source code on GitHub


Sword Combo Rush - Linux x32 33 MB
Sword Combo Rush - Windows x32 23 MB
Sword Combo Rush - Linux x64 33 MB
Sword Combo Rush - Windows x64 25 MB

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