Escape From The Bottle is my very first video game. Your character was put into a small bottle world. Find items to remove obstacles and help him to escape.

I used the Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam and the theme A Small World as an opportunity to develop my very first game. It was fun and I was able to learn alot.

The game was developed with the Godot Engine. I never used this engine before LD38. I have to say, it works out better than expected. Sounds was made with sfxr.

Thank you for give it a try. I would be happy about your feedback and appreciate that you take the time to try it.

Known Issues

  • Sound isn't working in the web version
  • Fullscreen mode is enabled in the web version, but shouldn't - please play in the window mode, you will have a better experience and performance

Source Code on GitHub

More information

Published 90 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Tags2D, jumping, ludum-dare, Ludum Dare 38, Metroidvania
Average sessionA few minutes


Escape From The Bottle - Linux x32 (25 MB)
Escape From The Bottle - Windows x32 (14 MB)
Escape From The Bottle - Linux x64 (26 MB)
Escape From The Bottle - Windows x64 (16 MB)

Development log

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